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‘Puppy love’ helping University students cope with stress

Melbourne, Apr. 17 (ANI): University students are using creative new strategies, like “stress relief puppies” and procrastination classes to cope with their huge workloads.

Student groups at Bond University in Queensland and the Australian National University in Canberra are holding “puppy days” for students buried in books.

Bond law student society president Madeline Wardleworth held the “stress relief” poochfest last week.

After a study session, students were overjoyed to have puppies Bronte and Arnold fall asleep in their arms, News.com.au reported.

US universities Yale Law and Harvard Medical employ resident “therapy dogs” in their libraries that can be borrowed like books, and Canada’s Dalhousie University has a “puppy room” for students.

The University of Technology, Sydney, has also provided pupils who have difficulty finishing their work with procrastination classes.

An advertisement reads that if pupils tend to wait for the perfect time to start a task, then they may benefit from the weekly sessions run by the university’s student support service commencing later this month. (ANI)