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N. Korea threatens to attack S. Korea ‘without warning’

Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): North Korea has warned that it would not give any advance notice before attacking South Korea.

Pyongyang said in a statement published by its official news agency, that the country’s ‘retaliatory action will start without any notice from now.’

North Korea said it was responding to what it called insults from the “puppet authorities” in the South, claiming that there had been a rally against North Korea in Seoul, CNN reports.

According to the report, it called the rally a ‘monstrous criminal act.’

The new warning came a day after North Koreans celebrated the birthday of their country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, who launched the Korean War.

On Monday, the US urged the regime in Pyongyang to ditch its nuclear program and put a lid on its fiery rhetoric if it wants to hold talks. (ANI)