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Tom Cruise buys exercise bike for Olga Kurylenko

London, April 15 (ANI): Tom Cruise has bought his Oblivion co-star, Olga Kurylenko, an exercise bike worth 2000 pounds, in his latest bid to win over the Ukrainian star.

A source told the Sun that Cruise is always thinking of ways that he can make the lives of people around him better, so when the 33-year-old actress was complaining that she wants to exercise but finds going to the gym boring, he took her to a SoulCycle class- which is basically a posh spinning class lasting 45 minutes, with candles and dim lighting.

The source said that Kurylenko loved the experience.

The insider added that the 50-year-old actor had the bike shipped to her apartment in London so that she can use it whenever she gets back from the exhausting movie promotion press tour. (ANI)