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Man City Goalkeeper Joe Hart defies law, enrages onlookers

London, Apr.15 (ANI): Manchester City player Joe Hart enraged passers-by when he defied the law by parking his Bentley in a spot meant for the disabled for two hours and escaped payment for the parking ticket.

Hart was with his girlfriend, Kimberley Crew at Nando’s chicken restaurant and wanted to procure a space near the restaurant, The Sun reports.

The report said that people who spotted Hart’s car at the disabled bay were infuriated and said that the football ace though himself to be above the law, adding that he got away even without paying a fine as wardens at the Trafford Centre in Greater Manchester failed to approach him at the time.

While the report said that the onlookers had taken a picture of the parked Bentley and planned to send it to the Centre’s authority, the English goalkeeper who earns 90,000 pounds-a-week is the fourth City player to be accused of flouting street laws. (ANI)