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Schwarzenegger likens Oz sports’ drug scandal to North Korean ‘missile race’

Melbourne, Apr 14 (ANI): Former muscle man, actor and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has compared Australian sport’s drug scandal to the missile crisis on the Korean peninsula.

In an interview with Telegraph.com.au, Schwarzenegger has said that the development of new steroids and performance-enhancing drugs is same as an ‘arms race’ and drug tests are similar to ‘missile defence systems’.

The former Mr Universe, who had served in the Austrian armed forces at the peak of the Cold War, also said that the drug scandal is like the North Korean missile crisis, in which one side develops a new missile which means the other side has to develop a new defence.

Schwarzenegger, who admitted to steroid use during his bodybuilding days in the 1970s, further spoke about the cleverness of drug makers, saying that they constantly develop new drugs and substances that are undetectable.

According to Schwarzenegger, the Australian government needed to legislate for more frequent drug tests to avoid the scandal ruining sport forever, adding that the only remedy for the drug crisis is frequent and stringent testing.

Schwarzenegger also said the role of illicit substances in sport had grown significantly since his days as an athlete.

The Terminator star will arrive in Australia in June for a speaking tour across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, the report added. (ANI)