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Former golf champ Faldo says ‘rule-breaker’ Woods ‘should have’ pulled out of US Masters

London, Apr 14 (ANI): Former Masters champion Nick Faldo has said that World No.1 Tiger Woods should have pulled out of the Augusta National after he was found guilty of breaking the rules.

Woods, who dropped his ball after he hit it into the water on the 15th hole, had escaped with only a two-shot penalty, the Mirror reports.

Hinting that Woods had cheated, Faldo said that the 14 Majors winner had taken unfair advantage even though he was aware that he was not supposed to do that, adding that Woods broke the rules which are supposed to be iron-clad.

Terming the incident as ‘dreadful’, Faldo said that Woods’ mistake will go down in the history of the game, adding that Woods should admit to his mistake and leave the tournament, otherwise the entire thing will leave a black mark on his legacy.

Although he admitted that he had dropped his ball ‘two yards away’ from the original position after he hit the flag and found water on 15, Woods, however, insisted that he had not deliberately cheated.

Claiming that he was unaware that he had taken an incorrect drop prior to signing his scorecard, Woods said that he understood and accepted the penalty imposed on him, adding that he respected the decision. (ANI)