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Rajnath Singh calls Sidhu to sort out growing controversy

New Delhi, Apr 12 (): To sort out the growing controversy between Navjot Singh Sidhu and the BJP in which the former has claimed to be disappointed with the party and will not likely be contesting the next Lok Sabha elections from his constituency Amritsar, BJP President Rajnath Singh has reportedly spoken to Sidhu and expressed confidence saying that the party will resolve the problem at the earliest.

It was believed that Rajnath Singh has reportedly called BJP MLA Navjot Singh Sidhu and gave him the confidence that party needs him and no one in the party is ‘against’ him.

This comes after Sidhu’s wife Navjot Kaur posted a Facebook message claiming that her husband has been victimized and was ill-treated by the BJP. She also further claimed that Sidhu was made to feel suffocated due to his honesty. Stirring up a controversy, Kaur had said that her husband is no more interested in politics as he was not getting due respect within his party.

According to reports, Sidhu had been reportedly advised by Rajnath Singh earlier not to make any major political decisions without the knowledge of the BJP high command.

Sources said Sidhu was even left out of the BJP national executive that was held recently after misinterpretation between him and Rajnath Singh. It was also believed that Sidhu had been in a conflict with the BJP for the past few days for being a loose cannon besides showing too much interest in a TV show Bigg Boss than his constituency.

Sidhu was also charged earlier by the BJP to have made uncomplimentary comments on the over domination of the Patel community in Gujarat that forced the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to raise his finger against Navjot Singh Sidhu for the allegation.

Sidhu’s involvement in several comedy shows including cricket commentary has possibly annoyed party workers as they blamed Sidhu taking more interest in his stage career rather than political field.