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Modi terms this UPA Govt. as most hated

Kolkata, Apr 9 (ANI): A ruthless attack was launched on the ruling UPA Government by the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday terming the ruling UPA Government as the most hated since independence and the time has come to deracinate them from power.

In a bid to motivate the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers, Modi said, “It is the need of the hour and we have to have the will power to uproot the Congress. We have to defeat those who want to break the nation.”

Putting light on the controversy in the ruling Congress party over ‘two power centres’, Modi said, “I don’t what to make anything out of it, tell me friends, is power seen anywhere? Can the vehicle can’t be run by charging the battery?”

Coming hard at the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Modi asked in a sarcastic manner, “I request the media of Bengal to interview 100 Congressmen. Just ask them one question, who is the leader of the country?”

Coning out with the answer to his own question Modi said, “Not 1 in the 100 will name Dr Manmohan Singh as the leader of the country. The party which does not consider its Prime Minister as its leader, then how can that Prime Minister lead the country?”

Modi is on a visit to Kolkata to address his partymen. (ANI)