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Namo Narendra Modi Arohara Advani Govinda Gadkari?

Projection, Elevation or Promotion whatever it may be, Narendra Modi is set to become the leader of BJP in the campaign for the next parliament election. Assumption by the followers of Narendra Modi that there is a hundred percent possibility for him to become the Prime Minister of India is too early and too much.

Those who challenged Narendra Modi directly or indirectly within BJP are now almost silenced. They will be compelled to fall in line drawn by the RSS. Narendra Modi and his followers have done enough ground work to remove the challengers or rivals within the party. Narendra Modi enjoys the support of Hindu nationalists spread all over the country. He has developed a good rapport with media. He is a hot favourite for industrialists.  Now he is given a free hand within BJP with the blessings of RSS. Sangh Parivar shall be working in favour of Narendra Modi to ensure a grand success.

From the times of MK Gandhi the Hindu Nationalists had their own agenda which were implemented with their supporters within Congress Party. But when Congress slipped down they formed their own political wing and consolidated their organisation very well. For their present direct political formation, BJP, the ground was stabilised by veteran parliamentarian and acceptable leader A.B.Vajpayee. He was considered a right person in a wrong place by his admirers who opposed BJP. The foundation for capturing power was laid by L.K.Advani by his Rath Yatra and demolition of Babri Masjidh. Vajpayee the former prime minister of NDA is retired, LK Advani is not yet tired. But  Narendra Modi is going to occupy the saffron building constructed although Ram temple is not yet constructed.

According to ‘Venkiah Naidu formula ‘ there can be one Loh Purush and one Vikas Purush within a party. Vikas purush shall be the Prime Minister and Loh Purush may become home Minister or deputy prime minister. Does the situation now is moving towards two purush formula ?  In the previous occasion Vikas Purush Vajbayee enjoyed the support of NDA partners although it was Loh Purush who did much of the campaign.

Now Nitish Kumar the Bihar Chief Minister of BJP alliance is opposed to Narendra Modi. The BJP Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is having an alternate growth model pitted against Narendra Modi. Many second level leaders in BJP are with Advani although they may not openly reveal it. There is a new honey moon between Advani and Mulayam Singh Yadav from Utter Pradesh. This is possible because Advani tried to assuage the feelings of Muslims by his positive comment on Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Mulayam Singh Yadav can support Advani without antagonising Muslims.

Moreover any future partners for NDA shall never support Narendra Modi. AIADMK shall be a consolation support to Narendra Maodi. But the parties like DMK or Telugu Desam shall favour only Advani if he proposes a common Minimum Programme excluding construction of Ram temple.

Therefore Narendra Modi will be the star campaigner only. He can be thrown away like curry leaf Kalyan Singh. In case of a hung parliament neither BJP nor Congress can decide the candidate for the top most post. The third parties although they are a  fragile formation shall have a common agenda of preferring Advani rather than Narendra Modi.

The following possibilities can be explored.

1. Non BJP Non Congress Third parties get full majority – Govinda to Narendra Modi

2.Congress become single largest party and returns to power with old and new alliance partners – Govinda to Narendra Modi

3. BJP become single largest party and forms government with the support of old and new alliance partners. Namo Advani & Arohara Narendra Modi

4.Third parties form a new alliance and get outside support from Congress party – Govida to Narendra Modi

5. Third parties form a new alliance and get outside support from BJP- Arohara to Narendra Modi

6.Congress get full majority – Govinda to Narendra Modi

7. BJP get full majority – NAMO Narendra Modi

Although Nitin Gatdkari was favoured by RSS for leading BJP a situation developed which forced Gadkari to resign. Therefore one cannot assume that just because one individual is supported by RSS, he can be successful.

The present scenario is in favour of Narendra Modi within BJP. But it has not ruled out Advani. Gadgari is nowhere in the scene. The people are going to decide. The projection by media, surveys, campaigners are well considered for analysis but not for a decision.