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Kirloskar all women pump factory in Coimbatore is hot favourite

Chennai, Apr 6 () :Women-dominated Kirloskar pump factory in Coimbatore has not only won awards for quality but also the customers favourite for its low rejection rate.

The workforce is 90 and 70 of them are women who does all the manufacturing. The next step is to replace the twenty men with women.

The head of manufacturing is a male and he too is on a look out for a woman to take up his job. The men are employed by Kirloskar at the plant as drivers, in the loading and unloading of stock, and some as office staff.

Soon women drivers and conductors will ply company buses. Women would operate fork lifts and other similar machines for the loading and unloading. Men will be given jobs in Kirloskar’s other plants.The plant was started in 2011 by the 125-year-old Kirloskar Brothers company on a 4-acre plot at a cost of Rs 11 crore.

Now, about 70 women assemble one pump every 20 seconds. The plant makes 20,000-25,000 pumps a month, and customers now specifically ask for pumps manufactured at the Coimbatore plant. The quality of output is of a such high standard that pumps made here are also exported to Nepal and South Africa.

Kirloskar brothers reminded the women that if the pumps failed then it would be the woman who suffer, as she will have to fetch water from outside. Yet another reason is that the decision to buy a pump lies with the women.

The Coimbatore plant makes about 11 variants of domestic pumps and five kinds of irrigation pumps priced from Rs 1,800 to Rs 5,000 each. In 20 months, only eight pumps have had quality problems. Kirloskar pumps won the eighth Kaizen Competition award from the Quality Circle Forum of India.

The plant was inaugurated on 17th June 2001 with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Karumathampatti near Coimbatore. It has capacity of 250000 units of different models of domestic pumps in the first phase and 500000 units in the second phase.