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Advertisers warn Facebook not to irritate users with Home ads

London, Apr 6 (ANI): Advertisers have warned Facebook that its new Home application should not avoid irritating users with its adverts.

Angus Wood from iProspect, a digital marketing agency said that ‘invasive, tedious or over-frequent marketing in such a personal space will be an instant switch-off for Home users’.

Wood pointed out that the closer you come to the consumer, the softer you need to tread, and the bar for content quality will be higher than ever, the Telegraph reports.

The Cover Feed on Facebook Home will not display advertising on April 12 when it becomes available, but future versions will carry adverts, the report said.

Analysts have raised questions over whether Facebook would be able to gather too much personal data about users from Home, it added.

Om Malik, founder of GigaOM, a technology news website, said that Facebook Home should ‘put privacy advocates on alert, for this application erodes any idea of privacy.’

According to the paper, he noted that smartphones would be able to send GPS data to Facebook, potentially telling the social media giant where the phone, and likely its owner, is at any time. (ANI)