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Kolkata Police assures full and proper investigation of Sudipto Gupta’s demise

Kolkata, Apr 4 (ANI): Kolkata Police on Thursday assured proper and full investigation into the untimely demise of Students Federation of India (SFI) leader Sudipto Gupta.

Jawed Shamim, Joint Commissioner of Police, Kolkata, addressing a press conference said, ” The forensic team has conducted its investigation today. So you can understand we are doing everything possible to crack the case. We are also not ruling out any possibilities as of now.”

He further said, “Whatever the truth is, even if it goes against us, we will come out with it and share it with the public, so please have faith in us.”

Shamim also spoke about the post-mortem report, which suggested that the injury to Sudipto’s head occurred because it hit a stationary blunt object.

Finally folding his hands he urged the media not to draw conclusions till the investigations were on.

Earlier on Tuesday, 22-year-old SFI leader died in police custody. The incident occurred when scores of supporters of SFI thronged the streets to protest against the state higher education department’s decision to stall students’ union elections at all educational institutions for the next six months.

SFI members claimed that Sudipta, an MA student in the Rabindra Bharati University, died after he was “brutally hit by policemen on his head and face” that led to his fall from the bus in which he was being taken to jail. (ANI)