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Seasonal fruits make entry although peak summer is yet to come

Chennai, Apr 3 (): To seek a break from the boiling heat, seasonal fruits like watermelon, cucumber and palm fruit have made their way into the market very early although peak summer is yet to come.

Right from the month of March, retailers have been making heavy business by selling watermelons in almost every nook and corner of the city. Watermelon is a fruit which is regarded as the market ruler, even after different varieties of fruits make their entry into the market, says a fruit seller in Chennai. It not only attracts the pedestrians who pass on, but also gives a cold and chilling effect when consumed. It is the best remedy to beat the summer dryness, feels a vendor. It is sold in shops between Rs 12 and Rs 16 per kg.

Similarly is the palm fruit and padhaneer (a natural drink) for people to overcome this burning heat. While palm fruit (nongu) costs Rs 4 each, padhaneer costs Rs 10 for one tumbler, said a seller who also added saying that he has a good sales on all days.

Padhaneer is rich in calcium and is believed to reduce body heat; therefore people in large numbers consume the drink either in palm leaves or tumblers. Drinking the natural drink padhaneer in palm leaves gives a traditional taste instead of consuming in tumblers, said a passerby who takes the drink regularly.

Another one such seasonal pet is the cucumber which is recognized for its medicinal values. However vendors sell watermelons and palm fruit on a whole while cucumber is not sold likewise.  It also makes good business in bus stops. The demand for these fruits increases, with the rise in temperature.

The fruit when decorated excellently and served with a bit of chilli powder tastes enormously, though is not advisable. Doctors suggest having the fruit without adding any flavour is more beneficial.