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US refuses to declare 1984 riots in India as genocide

Washington, Apr 2 (): The pro-Khalistan group in US today received a shocking blow after the Obama administration refused to acknowledge the 1984 anti-sikh riots that took place in India as genocide.  However, the White House did not hesitate to proclaim that a grave human rights violation had taken place.

This comes after a section of the Sikh community in the US initiated an online petition campaign requesting the Obama Administration to declare the 1984 riots as genocide. A total of 30,000 Sikh people in US signed the petition seeking the US government to declare the 1984 riots as genocide. A petition containing more than 25,000 signatures was reviewed.

In its response, the White House clarified saying that during and after the 1984 riots, the United States has been  continuously keeping an eye and reported in public about the grave incident of human rights violation that took place  against  the members of  the Sikh community.

The House also considered the US State Department’s Official Country Reports on Human Rights that covered the violence and its consequences and also condemned the disagreement of fair public trials, harmful effects on freedom of religion and also the government’s response to civil society association scrutinizing allegations of human rights violations.

In response to the online petition, the House said that it has long been a feature of the US government to protect the rights and freedom of all people. Us representatives also reports on a regular basis and speaks out against violence against minorities around the world, noted the House.

Meanwhile, the proponents of the petition expressing dissatisfaction over the Obama administration said in a statement that it has failed to take position on Sikh genocide. Gurpatwant S Pannun, who heads the New York-based ‘Sikh for Justice’ group, said the Obama administration has ignored its requirement under Article 1 and 2 of the UN Convention on Genocide by refusing to pay heed on the issue.