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Train tickets, freight tariff to cost more from april 1

New Delhi, Apr 1 (): According to the notification in the recent Rail Budget, reservation fee and fares for superfast trains have been increased and will be applicable from today, April 1.

Freight rates for all commodities are also likely to escalate by about 5.7% on Monday, besides hike in passenger fares. The Railways will likely be making a profit of Rs. 42,210 crore from passengers’ traffic and Rs. 93,554 crore from goods transportation in 2013-14.

While there will be no hike in basic passenger fare, a plan to  increase the reservation fee, superfast and Tatkal charges has been announced and will come in effect from April 1, said the Railway officials  adding that  cancellation and clerkage charges will also be increased from Monday.

With the latest hike in service charges on train tickets, the Railways will likely be generating Rs. 880 crore per annum, as the freight rate revision itself will be providing Rs. 4200 crores for the railways  in the fiscal 2013-14.

According to a recent announcement made by the Railways, reservation fee for second and sleeper class has no changes, while AC classes will see a hike from Rs 15 to Rs 25 per ticket. There is also an increase for Superfast charges by Rs. 10 for sleeper and second class fare and for AC classes the hike is said to be around Rs. 15 and Rs. 25.

To avoid booking bulk tickets in advance, cancellation and clerkage charges have been hiked, said a senior railway ministry official. The announcement of hike in basic passenger fare by 21% was announced by Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal before the Rail Budget in January 22, this year.

The hike in passenger fare has come after ten years, since railway ministers in the past were against increasing the fares as they thought it might cause severe problem to the common man. Officials said that since there has been repeated hike in fuel and energy in the recent past, it was essential to hike the fares also.