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Men faster to commit than women

Melbourne, April 1 (ANI): Women are more commitment-phobic than men, according to a recent survey.

Conducted by romantic social network Zoosk and online magazine Glamour.com, the poll of 25,000 single adults revealed men are faster to commit than women.

Most men surveyed about 42.1 per cent said it took a couple of good dates to officially become a couple, but 34.6 per cent of women said they preferred to wait “at least a few months, News.com.au reported.

Men are also quicker to show and tell, with 56.4 per cent indicating they would introduce a new love interest to friends after one to five dates, compared to 39.7 per cent of women.

The poll also revealed that when a man has the key to a woman’s heart he is also happier to give her one to his home.

Men (64.5 per cent) and women (68 per cent) said you could not put a time frame on when it was appropriate to exchange keys.

However, women appear to need their space far more than men because they were twice as likely to say there would “never” be a right time. (ANI)