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Premium Vodka popularity grows

Mumbai, Mar 31 () : Premium Vodka is fast emerging as the favourite drink of Indian guzzlers in the age group of 25-35 years says, Diageo the international liquor company who conducted a study of Indian market.

Diageo is to expand its business in India after acquiring stake in Vijay Mallya -wned United Spirits. In India, Vodka has always been the lowest selling liquor while whisky, rum and brandy ruled the sales charts. Vodka’s share was only 3%.

The study says that in 2010, 45% people in 25-35 age group preferred premium vodka and it rose to 52% in a gap of two years. The sales in April- January 2013 showed a 17% increase.

Indian brands Eristoff, Smirnoff Red and Red Romanov,White Mischief, Magic Moments and Astrocrat are classified as premium. In the super premium brands which are imported is Grey Goose(Bacardi), Finlandia and Absolut followed by Ciroc and Belvedere. An international study of Indian liquor market has put vodka sales to rise by 9% till 2015.

French vodka brand Tigre Blanc was launched in India to cash in on the rising demand. The influx of foreign brands in India has given Vodka the image of a rich classy drink . The strategic placing of Vodka as an elite drink by the premium brands imported abroad has attracted the teen crowd.

Despite regulatory concerns and high duties are making the liquor industry risky, multinationals continue to come in due to the rising volumes. The complaint from liquor manufacturers is that there is no uniform law.

Each State has its own pricing policy and regulations vary from neighbours. The Indian liquor industry is known as Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). The sales is driven by whisky and rum followed by brandy and vodka. The world’s highest selling whisky is Officers Choice made in India by Chabria group.