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Nitish kumar likely to walk out of NDA notwithstanding Modi’s rising power

Patna, Mar 30 (): The possibility of continuing in the NDA is fast turning out to be unfeasible for Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is all set to walk out of the alliance after the spectacular rise of Narendra Modi. Nitish Kumar will not wait till the BJP announces Modi as the PM candidate, said Sanjay Jha, a leader from the JD (U).

The demand for Modi will step up as the BJP‘s only hope lies with Modi through which it might think to recapture its fortune, said the JD (U) leader adding that it is better to walk out from the alliance in such a  situation.

The JD (U) officially or unofficially has uttered that there will be a possible change when there is a difference; therefore the Bihar chief minister is not willing to wait for the official announcement of Modi’s candidature.

Meanwhile, the party claimed that it has  built a strong position with a number of recent developments after  witnessing  its first victory in the by-poll of  the Kalyanpur constituency after  party candidate Manju Kumari bagged more than 17,000 votes.

The victory was considered to be noteworthy as most of the seats the party bagged were from the upper caste voters, who were traditionally the BJP’s vote-bank. It was evident after the election result that the upper castes were getting optimistic with the JD (U).

The second incident took place when Nitish Kumar was inspired after his party’s success in holding the Adhikar Rally in New Delhi on March 17, following which the centre came forward allocating Bihar with more central funds.

In fact, sources believe that even after Mulayam Singh Yadav’s threatening call, of not extending support to the UPA government that has brought no changes to the ruling coalition which is evident that the Congress might expect some support from the Nitish Kumar government.