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Sri Lanka police probe attack on Muslim establishment

Colombo, March 29 (Xinhua-ANI): The police in Sri Lanka on Friday said they were investigating an attack on a fashion store warehouse by a mob including several monks.

Security was strengthened outside the Muslim owned Fashion Bug warehouse at Pepiliyana, just outside the capital Colombo.

The police said that at least 20 men led by some monks had initially carried out the attack on Thursday night damaging the building and property including a vehicle.

The group then grew into a large mob and the police were unable to control them as the attack continued for several hours with stones and other objects being used.

Army, police special task force members and riot police were later deployed to the area to bring the situation under control.

No one accepted responsibility for the attack but there was wide speculation it was part of a continuing hate campaign targeting Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Earlier this year a Budhist organization known as the Sihala Ravaya protested outside a leading clothes store outside Colombo saying it is managed by Muslims and so should be closed down.

Another group known as the Bodu Bala Sena has also been involved in a campaign against some Muslim beliefs and activities.

Earlier this week the police warned that action will be taken against anyone attempting to incite racial or religious hatred via mobile SMS.

The police said that a Buddhist man and a Muslim man had already been arrested for sending out sms messages which could incite racial or religious hatred.

The police said it will strictly enforce the law on anyone attempting to create tensions among the various communities. (Xinhua-ANI)