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Subramaniyan Swamy the porki from Tamil Nadu

Mr Subramaniyan Swamy has recently tweeted that he is going to form a Brahmin force in Tamil Nadu to finish of porkis. Finally Mr Subramaniyan Swamy is taking a position that he is most suited for – leading a caste group. I only pity the TN Brahmins… for Swami is known as a traitor to every identity he belongs to. His career growth has never been as impressive though – from national politics to state politics and now caste politics.

Swami claimed that his tweet was a provocation. I am glad that he brought it up, because who else does this (Porki)  suit other than himself. They say in Tamil – only a snake knows the limb of another.

I am writing this as a reply to the calls from students of Tamil Nadu on a honest and just approach to handle political nuisances such as Mr Su Swamy. Most critics from Tamil Nadu have chosen to ignore him as he seem to be struck with an Utopian philosophy – which he has never cared to explain or preach appropriately. He seem to firmly believe that back door lobbying is the only viable approach to achieve what he wants. 

 Subramaniyan Swamy the porki from Tamil Nadu

The Hindu: Harvard scraps Swamy’s courses – “I was persuaded … that the views expressed in Dr. Swamy’s Op-Ed piece amounted to incitement of violence instead of protected political speech,” Philosophy Department Chair Sean Kelly

However, behind the confident and mocking face of Mr Swamy – there lies a mind that I think is deeply disturbed and fearful. I can only speculate that he might have had a childhood that he is not proud of. May be he had abusive parents… or neighbors – what ever it might be, he does not seem to have developed the courage to come out of it. The culmination of his fears manifest in his extreme hatred to his state and country. Unsurprisingly he has taken refuge behind a foreign power – Sri Lanka which he frequents and provides advice on how to kill 100,000 people and dodge the investigations. And no doubt he is a big amusement to the defenders of Indian Media’s Status-quo, especially from Delhi

To my North Indian journalists who are looking to do some clean reporting – if you will, let me indulge in enlightening you on why Subramanian Swamy is hated in his home state. Let me include some context that will make it easy to relate.

When Pakistan kills Indian citizens in the border, Su Swamy will proclaim in Indian media that Pakistan is a Friendly Nation and those who talk ill of Pakistan are anti Indian and should be put in Jail

When entire India is demanding that the Bombay Terror Attack culprits be brought to justice, Su Swamy will proclaim in media that common man should not interfere in the delivery of justice especially when the accused are foreign nationals. He will claim that foreign policy is foreign to common man and will always be framed inside closed doors considering the benefit of entire nation and not just one state or region.

When women in Delhi protest for the punishment of the Delhi rapist, Su Swamy will appear on Media and claim that the rape victim (upon survival) should marry and live with the rapist. He will claim that this is Hindu Dharma and hence Indians should follow it religiously. He will declare that Pakistanis are migrants from Rajasthan and Gujarat and hence they have a strong cultural link with us (I know its ridiculous…)

Well – replace the locations from Bombay to Rameshwaram and Pakistan to Sri Lanka. Su Swami is vocal in demanding that the Tamils of Sri Lanka live a happy married life with the very Sinhalese who have raped their women and killed their children.

With an Italian lady at the zenith of power in India,  a Sikh Prime Minister executing orders – I am wondering if Delhi is purposely alienating Tamil Nadu by refusing the basic rights of the state and thereby weakening India. Some Delhi media can hide behind folks like Su Swamy and pretend to be naive of the massacres in Sri Lanka, but approval of what happened in Sri Lanka can have devastating repercussions in near future.

The Sri Lankan regime might feel proud of the lobby it has cultivated in India among the likes of Su Swamy, but they don’t realize that this thin fragile line of defense will crumble like a stack of cards when encountered by the power of the grass root Indian citizens.

Yes Mr Su Swamy – your worst fears are coming true – Tamil Nadu is not to give up any of its rights. Yes, No Sri Lankans in Tamil Nadu – be it mass murderers or cricketers. Just like how Tamil Nadu’s contribution to India’s GDP is growing, our influence towards India’s decision making will also grow. Yes, we will influence India’s foreign policy in the region. Our tax money not only pays for our infrastructure, but also pays for the diplomats whose job is to revise the policies according to the demands of the time.

If only Delhi has done its homework to feel the pulse of the people it is supposed to govern and have corrected its course with respect to relations with Sri Lanka, it may not have become culpable to DMK’s pull out threat. If Delhi has the right to call Pakistan an enemy state, Chennai has every right to declare Sri Lanka – an enemy state especially after losing the lives of 500 citizens.

Citing Kashmir and fearing Pandora’s box to downplay the Sri Lankan massacre is plain blackmailing politics. What was carried out in Sri Lanka has no contemporary parallel. A government announcing “No Fire Zone” within strike range of its positioned artillery, Executing precisely targeted Arial bombing from coordinates exchanged by Red Cross – these are not crimes committed by India in Kashmir or else where. These are committed only by Sri Lanka in our times. Don’t confuse this with war casualties or war crimes in Afghanistan or Iraq. These are well planned massacres – to be precise it is called “Genocide”.

If Sri Lanka can kill 100,000 of its own civilians and shoot our fishermen every day, it has no right to demand security for its citizens straying into our country without proper notification. Tamil Nadu or Indian government cannot spend its tax money to protect these stray visitors and it is practically impossible to monitor and contain sporadic incidents of spontaneous backlash – They are not “violence”, but “backlash”. The only way Sri Lanka can ensure safety to its Sinhalese tourists in India is by stopping the shooting of Indian fishermen and mending relations with Tamil Nadu and world.

Yes, Tamil Nadu has risen and No Su Swamy or Po (rki) Swamy can defend the mass murderers and rapists – be it from Pakistan,  China or Sri Lanka.