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Owner of fishing boat attacked by Italian Marines want trial in Kerala

Kollam(Kerala), Mar 27 (ANI): Owner of the fishing vessel St. Anthony, Freddie Louis on Wednesday urged the government of India to form a special court in Kerala for the trial of the Italian marines, who had killed two fishermen mistaking them to be pirates.

Louis on Wednesday cited inadequate resources and inconvenience for the witnesses who were a part of the crew to come to the national capital for the trial.

He also said, “It will be very difficult for us to go to Delhi and I am not alone there are at least eight more persons who were a part of the crew. We would be facing a lot of problems like language, travel and food, expenses for which we cannot bear. We barely earn rupees 100 in a day. We do not have enough monetary resources to go to Delhi for the case.”

Meanwhile in New Delhi, politicians termed the return of Italian marines as a diplomatic win for India.

Member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Kirti Azad, “It was the international power, which succumbed to the pressures in India and that is the reason they had to send back the marines. They were used during the elections by the Italians and then sent back. So obviously this was to happen, after all they depend a lot on imports from India and hence they had to succumb to the power.”

Earlier, Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi on Tuesday announced his surprise resignation, saying that he did not agree with last week’s decision to send two marines back to India to face trial for murder. (ANI)