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Made in China Holi cuts ten lakh jobs

New Delhi, Mar 27 (): Holi revellers may not be aware that the colours and sprinklers that they use are made in China. Nearly ten lakh people employed in making the colours and sprinklers as well squirt guns have lost their jobs.

Nearly one thousand units engaged in this trade and registered as small and medium enterprises unable to match the price of Chinese made Holi colours and squirt guns have closed down their units in the last three years, says Assocham survey.

“The Indian units have been facing the Chinese invasion for the past 5 years, the business of local sprinklers has been steadily coming down due to stiff competition from Chinese manufacturers. The domestic companies are unable to match the huge competition from Chinese manufacturers who bring into the market wide variety of colours in various perfume smells and innovative plastic sprinklers, with a ‘Made in China’ tag at cheap prices,” says Rawat secretary general of Assocham Affected areas are Delhi, Patna, Mathura, Hathras, Vrindavan, Allahabad ,Kanpur and Lucknow.

Further, the survey report pointed out that items which do not need any technology and can be easily manufactured locally should be encouraged by imposing restrictions on imports. Wholesale dealers who trade in these items say that children are attracted by Chinese sprinklers which every year comes out in various shapes of comic and animal characters as well as goggles.

Sprinklers shaped like mobiles, watches and flutes are a big hit. Not only the sprinklers but also toys of China are in demand with children. The dealers said that the locally made products are lying unsold while the entire Chinese imported stuff were sold out.

This year the ratio of sales was Chinese goods got ninety-five share and Indian products with just five percent. This is an increase from the eighty percent share last year and Indian products having been just twenty percent.