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Rajinikanth Kamal Hassan support Tamil Eelam Struggle

Chennai, Mar 25 (): The Tamil Nadu students have set an example for others in highlighting the concerns of the people of the state to the lethargic, unconsciousness of the Government of India. Their peaceful protests spread to other organisations and people.

When the Tamil film directors and other artists conducted a protest meeting in Valluvar Kottam, Chennai many were asking why the actors were silent on this issue.

Now, the actors have come forward to show their interest in this burning issue. Kollywood actors are preparing for hunger strike on April 2. Particularly, Superstar Rajinikanth and Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan are to participate.

The student community is very clear about the intentions of the political parties in Tamil Nadu, position of the Government of India, the American interests, the apprehensions and  pretensions in United Nations, the opposing and supporting views of international community etc.

The students of Tamil Nadu have got a clear understanding of who are all the enemies acting against Tamils. Various organisations and sections of students are alleging conspiracies against Tamils.


At this juncture, we share the views expressed by students from various colleges regarding the forces acting against achieving Eelam. At the same time, we also propose what Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan can do by going beyond the one day hunger strike.

1.Geopolitical forces against Tamils

LTTE conducted one of the greatest violent struggles against Sinhala Buddhist supremacists. But, such a group could not tackle the indirect strategic military intervention of India and other Asian countries in the island of Sri Lanka by providing logistic and technical support. It went against the interests of Tamils and in favour of Sinhalese who are the main parties in conflict. If it was one to one between LTTE and Sri Lankan Army, Eelam could have been achieved. The coalition of economic superpowers aided, protected and defended Sri Lanka for their own selfish interests. They conduct eyewash drama in the form of UN resolution.

The American resolution in UN was a mere play of words. It was drafted by diplomacy so that whether it is adopted or not, Sri Lanka will have a free hand in continuing their agenda of genocide.

In future, there will be another resolution in UN about Sri Lanka. Rainikanth and Kamal Hassan should meet the ambassadors of the concerned nations and impress upon the necessity of taking appropriate action to safeguard the Tamils left in the island.

2.Bureaucrats against Tamils

The bureaucrats in the Ministry of External affairs have always supported the Sri Lankan Government.  Whether Indian fishermen are killed or Eelam Tamils are killed, the policy remains the same. Whether it is violent struggle by LTTE which came to an end in 2009 or a democratic demands after 2009, the foreign policy of India is based on the stomach rather than brain since the Government is ruled by an economist. The bureaucrats make use of weak political leadership to impose their will at the behest of Sri Lanka.

Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan should use their good offices in the Ministry of External affairs, meet the bureaucrats personally and ask them to change their attitude towards suffering Tamils.

3.Parliament, Politics and Democracy.

Whenever Eelam issue is raised in Parliament, a method is employed by the national parties to hijack the discussion to some untimely issues. It is considered as a foreign affair and the main political parties invite national interest and security of nation. The Government of India is run as if it is fully governed by the Congress party without any coalition.

In the recent uproar in Parliament, Telengana issue and other issues were suddenly raised to suppress the voices of a rare unity shown by DMK and AIADMK MPs.

Better Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan choose one Parliamentary constituency each situated along the Tamil Nadu coast and contest as independents to raise their voices for the sole purpose of safeguarding Indian fishermen.


For the so-called national media, the nation excludes Tamil Nadu. They cried for 2G and Anna Hazare. They maintained silence on the  genocide of Tamils and published articles appreciating Rajapakse. This is anti-Tamil attitude.  They do not understand that the students are now mature enough to read in between the lines. The Subramanyam Swamism and  N Ramism in the dictionary of Rajapakse are well understood by Tamil students now.

Just like the DMK Chief and AIADMK chief, both Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan should issue quarterly letters and appeals to the Prime Minister for resolving Sri Lanka problem. This will remind the Prime minister not to “act” like a Prime Minister, but to behave like a Prime Minister.

5.Tamils against Tamils

This is what we call self-destruction. Whenever united struggle erupts in Tamil Nadu, the enemies of Tamil race incite violence among Tamils in the name of caste and religion. Recently, some incidents between two communities in Rameswaram may be such an attempt to divert the attention from the student struggle. Only Tamil people have to blame themselves for this.

The AIADMK which was born to oppose Karunanidhi  has already moved forward to look beyond opposing DMK. AIADMK Government has acted rightfully in passing resolutions in the state Assembly against Sri Lankan Government. Those who are opposed to DMK are now with AIADMK.

The recent development of DMK coming back to its core ideals (leaving the benefits of minister posts) is a welcome development towards united fight against the Indian foreign policies.

In the next Parliamentary elections, alliances led by both AIADMK and DMK will have the same agenda. They will demand the following:

1. Declare killings in Sri Lanka as a genocide

2. Establish international war crime investigations

3. Create Tamil Eelam.

The students protesting to create Eelam belong to no political party. Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan belong to no political party.

The DMK and AIADMK if they have the same agenda, should form an alliance for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with 20 seats each with the above demands. That was one dream demand put forward by a student in Pachayappa’s College. Surprising but it depends on the concurrence of the leaders of these opposing parties. Forty MPs from Tamil Nadu will be more than enough to change the foreign policy and for successfully implementing the above demands.


Editor’s note :This article appears to be  neither satirical nor non-satirical. Proposals about the action to be taken by Rajinikanth & Kamal Hassan, DMK  & AIADMK appear to be impossible. We leave it to the readers.