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CPM: Mamata’s view on rape to divert people on failure of her administration

Kolkata, Mar 25 (): Attacking West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her recent comment on rape which might possibly encourage criminals, CPM on Sunday said that Banerjee’s strange speculation on crime against women was evident to divert the people from the failure of her government.

In a violent attack against the Chief Minister, the opposition party of the state claimed saying that Banerjee often thinks that she is the decision maker and whatever decision is being taken by her has to be obeyed by the people. Her behaviour seems to be illogical, said the CPM adding that Mamata Banerjee expects everyone to follow her footsteps and come behind like her messenger.

The party in its mouthpiece, Ganashakti accused Banerjee for not valuing the opposition’s speech and its members in the assembly and turn down the fundamental norm of parliamentary democratic system.

The CPM’s aggression against Mamata Banerjee came after she linked the increase of rape cases to the growing population and also the mounting modernization of the society where teenage boys and girls become more exposed to social activities.

Earlier while debating on the governor’s address in the state assembly, Banerjee said that rape has increased due to the rise in population and due to the increase of cars, shopping malls where young boys and girls desire to become more modern.

Claiming that in earlier days, women felt a bit shy to lodge complaints, whereas now they come out without hesitating which can also be taken as a good sign for the society, said Mamata Banerjee in the state assembly.

With the help of media and NGOs, awareness has also increased, due to which women started coming forward without feeling humiliated to lodge complaints of rape, said Banerjee.

Mamata however was pleased with her state which recorded only 38 cases of rape till November 2012 when compared to Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai which recorded 453, 221, and 76 cases respectively.