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World Sparrow Day observed on March 20

New Delhi, Mar 22 (): The sparrow conservation programme ‘Adopt a Sparrow Village’ got under way in New Delhi on March 20 Wednesday, the day which is observed as the World Sparrow Day.

Dr Harish Narayan,the dentist-turned-wild life conservationist three years ago launched the campaign,’ Bring back the Sparrow’ in Bangalore. He said that twenty years ago in Bangalore, there were 25,000 sparrows per square kilometre.

Their numbers declined over the years, as the concrete jungle spread its parasitic presence. Five years ago, the numbers went down further to 600 sparrows per square kilometre. Tragically, now their numbers are only 50 per square kilometre, he said.

In 2010, a report published by IIT Bombay by Girish Kumar had found that cell tower radiation was causing the disappearance of sparrow and also other birds including pigeons and swans. Microwaves from phone poles were also found to be interfering with the reproduction of the birds.

Dr. Harish firmly believes that we can bring the sparrows back to our homes if only we take some influential and regular efforts. He said it is called a house sparrow as primarily they need food, water and they are basically grain eaters.

The main reasons for the declining number of the birds especially in urban areas are loss of tree cover, changing architecture of human habitations, excessive use of pesticides, lack of traditional granaries, storehouses and grocery shops that permit collecting of grains by birds, air pollution and electromagnetic radiation.

To increase awareness about the endangered house sparrow and focus on improving the bird population, the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board has launched a public awareness campaign involving students and morning walkers on the occasion of World Sparrow Day.

The Delhi government noticed its disappearance very late, in 2010, and now it has initiated a campaign to increase the bird’s population in the city. And wildlife conservationists hope to increase the population of sparrow across the country by conducting many campaigns and awareness programmes.