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Strong beer to beat summer heat

Chennai/Bangalore, Mar 22 (): Indians prefer strong beer with alcohol content more than 5% unlike the Europeans and Americans who prefer light beer which is low on alcohol content.

With the advent of summer, the sale of beer across India is bound to increase and breweries in Tamil Nadu are a happy lot as TASMAC, the Govt agency that controls liquor retailing has allowed them to sell beer in cans and also export to other States and abroad.

TASMAC’s conditions are that they will buy alcoholic spirits only if they are brewed within the State and that it should not be sold outside in any State.

Those in the manufacturing of beer say that many foreign brands entered the Indian market. These brands have added a new image to beer guzzlers and has shown an 80% jump in sales in the last year.

Kingfisher Strong is the brand leader and local brands which are almost as strong as hard liquor compete with Bullet and variants of 5000 brand along with others in Tamil Nadu.

In other States, Carlsberg Elephant, Tuborg strong and Budweiser Magnum are the three strong beers that compete with Kingfisher strong. Trade expects this fiscal to sell 270 million cases which is an increase of 13%. Out of this, the demand for strong beer will shoot up 15% while mild beer sales will go down by 4%.

Earlier, drinking strong beer was not seen as classy but now this has changed with the foreign brands’ entry. In the West, drinking beer is not seen as an alcoholic drink and it is a refreshment drink or a welcome drink at a party.

Haywards strong beer which was pitted against Kingfisher is now pushed out with Knock Out of SABMiller.

Kingfisher Red launched recently in the high-priced strong beer segment is available in North and Eastern India. This summer it will come to South Indian markets. The mild beer brands in the premium range are growing and popular among them is Kingfisher Ultra followed by Carlsberg, Heineken and Miller High Life.