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Mount Lokon Indonesia volcano

Jakarta, Mar 21 (): A volcanic eruption took place in Mount Lokon in eastern Indonesia spewing a huge amount of ash 2,000 meters into the sky from its Tompaluan crater.

Kristianto, head of monitoring and search of volcano for eastern Indonesia said that the eruption took place at 22:57 GMT, 07:57 local time.

Bandung Geology Agency’s volcanology and geological disaster mitigation center (PVMBG), in Kakaskasen reports Mount Lokon’s volcanic activity status at “alert” (level 3). However, the frequency of the Lokon’s eruption has declined. The local residents around the area were shocked as it was accompanied by loud bangs.  Residents of the nearby area left their homes and gathered in the Tomohon-Manado main road to view the volcanic eruption.

The residents and the tourists were not allowed to go in the territory of 2.5 km from the crater.

According to Volcanology Agency, the Mount Lokon has been showing increasing seismic activity from June 2011. Last year, Mount Lokon eruption forced the people around the area for a mass evacuation as a tourist was killed in 1999 after an explosion.

Mount Lokon Volcano erupted on 15 July 2011, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. There had been two more signs of activity on 10 February 2012, and 19 September 2012.The major eruption in Mount Lokon occurred in 1991 killing a Swiss hiker and forcing thousands of residents to flee their homes.

Indonesia is the country dominated by 129 volcanoes which are formed due to subduction zones between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate. Since the earthquake and tsunami in December 26, 2004, all of the volcanoes’ eruption pattern has changed.

Earlier in this month, Mount Tangkuban Perahu in West Java province of Indonesia shot up smoke and ash nearly 500 meters, and the officials warned the tourists not to go in the territory of 1.5 km from the crater.