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“Eelam hooligans ” calls Times of India

The times of India in its Chennai edition dated March 18 reported about attack on a Buddhist monk in Thanjavur. The title was ” Eelam hooligans find little support”

According to The webster’s dictionary the word hooligan means a ruffian or hoodlum. Ruffian means a lawless person or brutal bully. Hoodlum means a a thug or gangster.


Thesaurus in the above link also calls it a “rowdy”

Our concern is why such a word is combined with a word Eelam by Times of India. It could have been described in some other phrases. We suspect that the media including Times of India and the Hindu are hands in hand with Sri Lanka and Rajapakse to defame the Eelam struggle in derogatory words.

No doubt the attack on Buddhist monk has been condemned by many in Tamil nadu. It is totally unacceptable especially in a land where Buddhism was born and practiced.

The politics of words is always a tool in the hands of propaganda machinery and the person or group which handle such words and phrases themselves expose their own mind.

The Indian media which kept a deceitful silence on the genocide of Tamils in 2009 is incapable of exposing the war crimes. All the evidences have been gathered by Non indian media. The UK  media is more merciful towards Eelam Tamils than Indian media.

According to Tamil inscription of 1′st century BC the Eelam refers the whole of Sri Lankan island. Another old  name Serendip also refers island of Sei Lanak. Seren is derived from Cheran , the name of ancient Tamil Kingdom which is the present day Kerala.The Ezhavas are even now a community with origins in the region of India presently known as Kerala according to Wikipedia.

At present the word Eelam denotes the north and East of of Sri Lankan island which is claimed as homeland of Sri Lanka Tamils.

The Hindu news paper which has never tried to hide its inclination and friendship towards  Rajapakse and Sri Lanka devoted a quarter of front page with a title” Sri Lankan monk assaulted” on 17 March.  What a concern for humanity and law and order! They never care about lakhs of Tamils killed and are concerned only when a Sri Lanka Sinhalese monk is roughed up. Some stray incidents are highlighted. Bigger events are hidden. Great journalistic ethics.