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US lawmaker seeks cut in aid to Pakistan over victimization of minorities

Islamabad, Mar. 20 (ANI): An American lawmaker has asked the administration to reduce its aid to Pakistan to offset the impact of sequestration on funds needed for projects at home.

Congressman Ted Poe, a Texas Republican, said Washington should watch its spending and prioritise, specially when it comes to Pakistan, where hatred for America is at its highest, reports The Dawn.

Budget sequestration is a procedure in US law that limits the size of the federal budget, setting a hard cap on government spending.

Congress imposed the restriction on the Obama administration on March 1.

Poe is among a dozen other lawmakers, from both Republican and Democratic parties, who are asking the administration to reduce foreign assistance to deal with the sequester.

Poe said that since the sequester, the administration has approved 37 million dollars in foreign aid to Pakistan.

He is also backing another bilateral move to censure Pakistan for allowing militants to attack religious minorities.

Poe also blamed Pakistan for not respecting the human rights of religious minorities, particularly Christians. He said Pakistan does not respect the human rights of religious minorities. He said the Pakistani government has failed to protect the religious minorities.