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TN students’ pro-Eelam protests scale up despite closure of colleges, May 17 Movement in the fray

Chennai, Mar 17 (): Groups of students in Tamil Nadu are scaling up their pro-Eelam protests and demonstrations despite Tamil Nadu government’s order to shut down arts and science colleges in the State till further orders.

May 17 Movement has now joined the fray by organizing a rally today, March 17 at 4 pm near Kannagi Statue, Marina Beach here to share their commonality of their pro-Eelam objective with the enraged student community in Tamil Nadu.

May 17 Movement in a press release said that Tamil Eelam was the only solution for the Sri Lankan Tamils and demanded an independent international investigation into the alleged war crimes against the genocidal Sri Lankan government.

Dr Ambedkar Law University and Dr Ambedkar Government Law College students in the city here carried on with their fast demanding an independent probe against Sri Lanka for inhuman war crimes. committed against Tamil civilians.

In the meantime, around 50 activists of pro-Tamil outfits had blocked suburban train services at different places in the city, and were arrested by police.

Reports from Thanjavur state that a Buddhist monk, P Gnanaloka Thero (46) from Sri Lanka faced the wrath of members of Tamil outfits on Saturday. The pro-Tamil representatives of Naam Tamizhar Katchi and the Thamizh Desiys Podhuvudamai Katchi assaulted the Buddhist monk who was on an archaeological study at the Big Temple, Thanjavur. The police had to intervene to transport the monk safely to Tiruchy airport.

Students of Engineering Colleges are also said to have joined hands with the fasting students to express solidarity with them according to TOI reports.

Indefinite fast undertaken by 20 students of Law and Government Arts colleges in Coimbatore marks the sixth day there.

Latest reports indicate that Kanyakumari Medical College students too have joined the protests in the pro-Eelam demonstration.

School students too are said to have joined the pro-Eelam protests in various sections of the State.