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Leaders back Nitish Kumar’s demand for Special Status for Bihar

Kanpur/New Delhi, Mar.17 (ANI): Leaders of various political parties have backed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s demand for Special Status being granted to Bihar.

Kumar led regional Janata Dal United conducted Adhikar Rally in New Delhi on Sunday to demand Special Status for Bihar.

Kumar claimed that Bihar deserves Special Status as it is one of the most economically backward states of the country.

Union Coal Minister, Sriprakash Jaiswal said the government should not ignore Kumar’s demands.

“In democratic system, this is the only way to express voice your demands. If he is conducting a rally, there is nothing wrong in it. The government should think about addressing the demands raised in the Adhikar rally. Why shouldn’t the government address this issue? If a state chief is demanding something, we should look into those demands under the limitations of the constitution of the country,” said Jaiswal.

Kumar said that no political alliance should think of ruling Delhi after the 2014 elections if it ignored Bihar’s rights.

Kumar further said Bihar has been treated unfairly by successive federal governments and said that the time has come to make amends.

Lawmaker and General Secretary of Communist Party of India (CPI), D Raja, said that it is the magnanimity of Kumar to be demanding special status for other states as well.

“What is the need of today, that central government should consider its own assurance given to Bihar as far as special package is concerned, special status is concerned. Yes, Mr. Nitish Kumar, he might have said it is not only for Bihar, for other states also, maybe that shows his magnanimity,” said Raja.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Shatrughan Sinha said: “Nitish is my friend and he is like my younger brother. He respects me and I respect him. But today, he has his own party rally, not of Bharatiya Janata Party, but of Janata Dal United and Nitish Kumar is heading the rally. This is a political event. When it comes to his demands of special package and status for Bihar, I feel that the demands are legitimate.”

Kumar further said that Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, in his Budget speech, has hinted that changes will be made in the parameters for giving states special status.

Leader of Janata Dal United (JD-U) Sabir Ali, supporting the demand for special status, said that no political party has ever seen a crowd of 5 lakhs in a rally.

“We have asked for our demands and it should be granted to us. Even the political parties at the centre, who have been in power for 60-70 years could not conduct a rally this big, which has attracted over 5 lakh people. In the national capital Delhi, the people of Bihar have come out for their rights. And now, the federal government will have to grant us our rights of special status,” said Ali.

Sunday’s rally, however, was marred by a scuffle between JDU activists and those who were opposed to the party.

The incident occurred when some men entered the rally arena at the Ramlila grounds and showed black flags to senior leaders sitting on the stage.

Police personnel deployed on the site soon spotted the clash and detained the quarrelling bunch of JD-U activists trying to beat the men who barged into the rally.

Lokjanshakti Party (LJP) leader, Ram Vilas Paswan said: “The misrule under the leadership of the state government is well known. There was a time when Nitish Kumar was garlanded but today he is attacked by eggs and slippers. This rally is nothing but to save his government’s falling popularity graph. They are not interested in getting the special status for Bihar.” (ANI)