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Students Struggle Committee for Tamil Eelam (SSCTE) to stage a massive protest on March 18

Chennai, Mar 15 (): The Students Struggle Committee for Tamil Eelam (SSCTE) has planned to stage a massive protest this Monday,March 18.

SSCTE is an umbrella group of college students from various districts of Tamil Nadu who have unified together to coordinate their agitations and demonstrations in the Sri Lankan Tamils’ issue, which is picking up momentum across Tamil Nadu.

Student protests against genocidal Sri Lanka and the ‘war criminal’ Mahinda Rajapkase have intensified after eight students of Loyola College in the city first embarked on fast-unto-death last week. This hunger strike by Loyola students has sparked off chain protests among the student circles across Tamil Nadu who have launched fasts, demonstrations and signature campaigns against Sri Lanka. Effigies of Mahinda Rajapakse were also burnt in some places by a section of the students.

The new group of SSCTE members asserted on Thursday that they had representation from 50 colleges in 18 districts of Tamil Nadu out of which 17 colleges are from Chennai.

SSCTE  maintains that Cuddalore, Villupuram, Kanyakumari and Pudukottai are yet to come under the unified student body to work on Sri Lankan Tamils issue. A student member of SSCTE stated that they would travel to those districts not represented in the group and work to bring them all under it.

SSCTE   announced on Thursday that its member students would boycott classes, stage road rokos and burn effigies of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on March 18.

The protesting students of SSCTE share the  common opinion the Indian government was the one that offered financial and logistic support to the Sri Lankan government during the war with tiger rebels and now, the Centre has still not come clean on their stand on strengthening international action against Sri Lanka.

A member of SSCTE stated that the colleges that usually do not extend their support for socio-political causes have also become a part of SSCTE which is a clear indication of the rising  student outlook on this issue.

SSCTE is claimed to be a representative body of not only government colleges but also a number of private engineering colleges and whose number is steadily increasing.

Kollywood actor Simbu had joined the protesting students of Dr Ambedkar Law University to show his support for the cause (Courtesy: newindianexpress.com).