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Paradesi teaser gets huge attention

Chennai, Mar 14 (): The reality teaser of ‘Paradesi’ has caught the attention of the viewers on World Wide Web after a controversial video showed the director hitting junior artistes on the film’s set.

On Tuesday evening, Bala’s B-Studios uploaded a ‘reality teaser’ on YouTube showing the making of his movie Paradesi. The video has sent shock waves amongst the audience and has raised serious questions on the image of the national award-winning director.

The director, who brings realism in his films, has gone a step further this time to promote his movie. The short-video clip shows the director beating up his actors.

The making-of video shows the director violently kicking, cursing and hitting actors and ironically, the video ends with the director smiling. Just within hours of uploading, the video became viral online garnering negative publicity.

Some viewers commented that they will boycott the film. But, the biggest criticism came from the Tamil film industry, who said the director has shown an abusive, non-existent side of Tamil cinema and his sadistic tendency.

Eeram director Arivazhagan said usually making-of video is said to reflect the reality on the sets. But, this teaser would create a wrong impression on the younger generation who might think abusing actors is the only way to get realistic performances.

Editor Suresh said it was not the right way to do a promo.

Balaji Gopal, digital cinema designer person who helped to upload the video, clarified the making-of video saying actually Bala was not hitting anyone. It was only an enactment with sound effects added to make viewers feel uneasy. It was done by the internal team of Bala to show how serious he was about filmmaking and not to show him as a sadist.

However, the video already seems to have caused a wave of negativity for the film.