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Apple becomes India’s second largest smartphone supplier: Report

Washington, Mar 14 (ANI): After a slow start, Apple’s iPhone has now become the second largest smartphone supplier in the Indian mobile market, a report has said.

Although Apple is still catching up to other smartphone makers like Samsung, analysts say Apple is finally taking India seriously.

Venu Reddy, research director at IDC, the technology market research firm pointed out that in Q4, Apple has turned out to be the number two player in India, which suggests the iPhone maker has done a significant shift in their positioning.

According to CNN, Samsung remains India’s strongest smartphone brand, with 38.8 percent of market share in terms of revenue, followed by Apple with 15.6 percent, Sony (9.4 percent) and Nokia (7.3percent), says IDC.

Apple’s success has been attributed to its ability to adapt to India’s smartphone distribution market, where most electronics are sold through small, family-owned shops, the report added. (ANI)