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UK schools skeptical about hiring ethnic minority teachers

London, Mar. 13 (ANI): Some schools on the outskirts of London are reluctant to hire ethnic minority temporary staff, a supply teacher agency has claimed.

The London Teaching Pool said that schools did not wanted non-white teachers.

Managing director Darryl Mydat said that such requests are received by his firm several times each term.

Head teachers’ leader Brian Lightman said such discrimination by schools was ‘inconceivable’, the BBC reports.

The owner of another supply teachers’ agency said schools might have legitimate concerns about English language skills, and that this might be misinterpreted as racism.

But Mydat said his recruitment firm has seen a disturbing number of cases where schools signal that they would prefer not to have ethnic minority supply teachers.

According to the report, he said that it might suggest schools are concerned about how classes in schools with few ethnic minority pupils would react to a black or Asian supply teacher.

He said schools were ‘quite blunt’ about what they wanted from supply agencies, adding that that could include not wanting someone who did not speak good English.

He also said that some schools wanted to see photographs of temporary teachers before they hired them, the report added. (ANI)