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Akshay Kumar unveils Honda’s new bike ‘CB Trigger’

New Delhi, Mar 13 (): Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar launched Honda’s new 150 cc bike ‘CB Trigger’ in a glittering launching ceremony at Gurgaon on Monday.

During the launch ceremony, the 45-year-old actor recalled a shooting scene in which he performed a dangerous bike stunt. He said that he did his best bike stunt in Hindi movie ‘Keemat’, which was released in 1998. In Keemat, Akshay played the role of a petty thief along with Saif Ali Khan.

Akshay recalled his pleasant memories of the action sequences he has performed during his career and said that he had performed too many action roles with motorcycles but a stunt scene in ‘Keemat’ would always be memorable.

The action scene in Keemat was a dangerous scene, in which Akshay had to jump on the bike from a height, which was almost as high as a three storey building. He described that there was a door near his landing point and he was not even aware of exactly where to land. He practiced almost a day and finally the scene was done.

The “Khiladi” star usually performs the action sequences without any extra stuntmen. He said that he preferred bikes over cars while going for shooting.

When describing about his comfort zone while using a bike Akshay said that the traffic congestion and jams are big problems and a matter of concern in Mumbai. To counter that he often had used his bikes while going for film shootings. The distance covered by car in one-and-a-half hour can be done in 15-20 minutes on a bike, he said.

Aksahy has a great passion towards bikes and he currently owns five bikes. The actor stated also about the safety factors while riding. “Even when I go on stage I wear a HELMET! Safety first people. Don’t risk anyone’s life when you’re risking yours!!” the actor tweeted and also posted the picture of himself at the launch event on micro-blogging site Twitter. In the snapshot, he is seen riding a bike on stage with a helmet on.