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Vishwaroopam 2 has mother-son sentiment says Kamal Haasan

Chennai, Mar 12 (): Kamal Haasan has shifted his focus to his next project, Vishwaroopam 2. Recently, the actor has confirmed that the sequel of Vishwaroopam will be high on the emotional quotient and will also have a mother-son angle to the story.

In his recent interview, Kamal Haasan opened up about the much-hyped sequel. He said that in Vishwaroopam-2 there is no change in lead cast like Andrea, Pooja Kumar and Rahul Bose because the story of the sequel starts from where the first movie ended.

It would be a continuation, Kamal added. The movie would be completely shot in India and it would be made from a stronger emotional front, focusing on a mother-son relationship angle.

In Vishwaroopam, the ladies appear only in the first half of the movie and the second half of the movie is male-centric. But, in the sequel, the emotional quotient would be a lot higher than in the first film, as there is a mother-son angle to the story.

Kamal further added that the making of sequel movie would be easier as the script is ready and rhythm of narration has already been established.

Finally in the interview, Kamal has thanked his fans in Tamil Nadu for offering their overwhelming support to Vishwaroopam and the movie has already been touted as the biggest hit of his career.

Latest reports from film industry suggest that the second part of the spy-thriller is nearing completion, as Kamal has already shot some portions of the movie including the war scenes.

Kamal has informed there is no change in the lead cast but it is not known whether any new characters are being introduced in the second part.

“Vishwaroopam 2″ is expected to be released this year. Last month, Kamal informed that he would ensure that there would not be any delay to the sequel and the film would be released this year.