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Singapore named Asia-Pacific’s most ‘innovative’ city

Washington, Mar. 12 (ANI): Singapore is Asia’s most innovative city in Asia-Pacific, according to a new survey.

Solidiance, a strategy consulting firm based in the Southeast Asian city-state, which carried out the survey, said Singapore ranks number one because it has made dramatic and perpetual improvements for the past 25 years, reports the CNN.

After Singapore, the top five cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Auckland.

The report examines six links between what a city has to offer and the amount of talent that relocates to that city: the availability of a skilled talent base; a strong higher education system; the livability of a city and environmental sustainability; technological advancement and government regulations that support financial freedom and global integration.

With Singapore, the city has pushed an ‘open door policy’ welcoming professional talent from around the world. Strong government regulations have provided for a structured and stable environment with which to conduct business, the report said.

The World Bank ranked Singapore as the best place to do business in the world for 2013, unchanged from 2012.

Solidiance added that to keep its top spot as best Asian city for innovation, Singapore needs to stay open to new ideas, new cultures, and new entrants.

Sydney scored highest in the categories of global integration, having a skilled talent base and for its technological advancement.

Melbourne ranked as the third most innovative city in the Asia-Pacific because of its superiority in the human talent category.

Hong Kong ranked fourth due to its technological and regulatory leadership. It is also known as one of Asia’s most prominent financial hubs thanks to its regulatory framework and lack of corruption.

Auckland took the number five spot largely on its ability to attract skilled talent, and its tolerance for diversity, the report said. (ANI)