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New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast tourism logo called ‘pornographic’

Sydney, Mar. 12 (ANI): A rebrand of the New Zealand region of Kapiti’s tourism image may be tweaked to include the word “coast” amid suggestions its logo looks pornographic or like the Loch Ness monster.

The logo, part of a NZ 30,000 dollar Kapiti Coast District Council contract, polarised opinion when unveiled at a meeting last week. It includes a ‘k’, shaped, and coloured green and blue, to look like a mountain and the sea. Underneath is the single word: “Kapiti”, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Councillor Tony Lester backed the logo, which he said was “absolutely excellent”, as it captures the hills, and the coast, and it captures the future of a city.

Others, however, did not agree.

Otaki Community Board member Jackie Elliott raised the possibility the logo could be perceived as lewd. He said he has had feedback from the public saying that the ‘k’ image with its bent leg, at the knee, is “more than mildly pornographic”.

Commenting on whether the logo is lewd, Lester said as far as he was concerned “pornography is in the eye of the beholder”.

Councillor Ross Church said a Scottish person told him it looks like “the Loch Ness monster on legs”. (ANI)