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Most employees appreciate flexibility brought by technology in work life: Survey

New Delhi, Mar 12 (ANI): A majority of employees worldwide appreciate the flexibility that technology brings to their work life, but also acknowledge that the same technology causes work to intrude upon their personal lives, a survey has revealed.

Consulting and technology services company Accenture conducted a global survey of 4,100 professionals across 33 countries to determine attitudes regarding work-life balance and career success.

The research showed that 78 percent of professionals worldwide agree that technology enables them to be more flexible with their schedules.

Four in five rank flexible work schedules as key to achieving work-life balance, the Enterprise Innovation reports.

According to the study, over eight in ten respondents agree that technology enables them to work smarter and get more work done in less time, with 35 percent strongly agreeing.

At the same time, 70 percent believe that technology brings work into their personal lives.

But only 31 percent agreed with the statement that ‘technology is a burden on time outside of the office,’ suggesting that the benefits of technology outweigh the downsides, the report said. (ANI)