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Argentina to keep up Falklands fight regardless of ‘illegal’ referendum

London, Mar. 5 (ANI): Argentina will continue to assert its claim over the Falkland Islands despite the ‘illegal’ referendum on the territory’s sovereignty due next week, the country’s ambassador to London has said.

Alicia Castro declared that the ’100 percent predictable’ plebiscite would change nothing.

The Falkland Islanders are set to vote on whether to remain a British Overseas Territory in a referendum supported by the government as a visible expression of the Islanders’ right to self determination.

According to the Telegraph, but Argentina argued that they have no such right and the views of the Islanders are irrelevant to the dispute over sovereignty.

Castro made clear that Argentina would hold to this position even if the Islanders were to vote in a future referendum to join Argentina.

He argued that the views of the Islanders were a thorn in the side of Britain’s relations with Argentina and South America as a whole, it added. (ANI)