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Meet the husband, wife and lover who live under same roof

London, March 4 (ANI): A women who couldn’t imagine living without her new lover and at the same time can’t leave her husband and children came up with an incredible solution – all living together in the same house.

Now Maria Butzki, 33, her husband Paul, 37, their two children, Laura, 16, and Amy, 12, and her new lover Peter Gruman, 36, live as one big happy family in Barking, East London, according to the Mirror.

When Butzki left her husband for Peter, she started missing him and kids, but at the same time, she knew that she couldn’t live without Peter.

“People might think it’s weird but I love both men and couldn’t choose between them,” the paper quoted said Maria, a housing liaison officer, as saying.

“When I left Paul there was a huge hole in my life. But the thought of never seeing Peter again was heartbreaking. So living with both men is the only way,” she asserted.

So when the two men became good friends, she suggested about living together. Incredibly, the men agree.

And they all finally moved in together after three years of Maria toing and froing between her husband and lover.

Paul, a railway assessor, said: “Peter is a great guy. When Maria first had the affair with him I was just heartbroken. But as I got to know him, I realised we have so much in common. We both adore fishing, and he’s like a surrogate dad to the kids.”

Peter, a construction site manager, added that since they all get on so well, he doesn’t feel as if he’s sharing Maria.

“There’s no jealousy …it feels as if we area team,” he stated.

Peter sleeps on the sofa while Paul has a room upstairs. Maria shares a bedroom with her eldest daughter.

Although she has a sexual relationship with both men, Maria said the three of them never share a bed.

“If Paul is out, then Peter and I might make love, and vice-versa. But both men turn a blind eye and we never discuss it with one another,” she added. (ANI)