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Chidambaram to chat live today at 8 PM

New Delhi, Mar 4 (): P Chidambaram will be available on Google+ Hangout at 8 PM (IST) to chat with you about Budget 2013. He has CMD Mahindra and Mahindra’s Anand, Asia economist and India Chief economist Jahangir Aziz of J P Morgan and Google’s VP Amit Singhal.

You can chat with Finance Minister(FM) only if you have joined Google +. This is the first time that a FM is using the social media.

In India, it was Narendra Modi the Gujarat CM who used Hangout in August for his election campaign. Globally the State leaders who have used it starts from US President Barack Obama and moves on to Aussie PM Julia Gillard and India’s neighbour PM Najib of Malaysia.

Google+ Hangout allows up to 10 people to take part in video chat at one point of time and if one uses the option `on Air’ it will be live streamed on You Tube or even share it. Those from India can go to the Google India page and tag a video or text with #tag #askthefm or posting question on You Tube.

The UPA ministry has been facing severe criticisms from users of social media and now it has decided to take part in this medium. Post budget, P Chidambaram has done several rounds of interviews with TV channels and the constant refrain has been that the public is contented and happy but it is the media that was looking for big bang and frenzy that were unhappy.

Chidambaram told NDTV that without checking out with him or the people connected with him, a fire would be lit and then a TV channel picks it up. Next, it is all over and FM has to step in to do a fire-fighting for which again he gets blamed. The interaction with the netizens will throw up the mood of the city based `aam admi’.

Chidambaram is usually known for his ability to smile his way through difficult queries and do a lot of jugglery of words, a fact that even his opponents give him credit.