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Mukesh Ambani receives threatening letter from Indian Mujahideen

Mumbai, Feb 28 (): After a threatening letter allegedly sent by terror outfit Indian Mujahideen to RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani, Mumbai crime branch have started conducting a probe into the threat which claimed  to carry out a terror attack on Ambani’s Antilia residence at Altamount Road in South Mumbai.

The letter mentioned to cause huge loss to Mukesh Ambani for supporting Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who has been heading the hatred list of the IM for more than a decade. The letter also threatened to release IM operative Danish; else, Ambani will be made a target causing heavy loss to his property.

Though the letter was not given much heed, Mumbai police have started their investigation to trace out the organization that sent the letter to Mukesh Ambani in his Maker Chambers office in Nariman point.

Till now the organization has been using the method to hack into insecure Internet connections and was sending threat messages through e-mails. When they have taken the risk of sending their man not worrying about being caught in CCTV, then the matter is causing concern, said a police officer.

In the meantime, Reliance Vice-president S.P. Nanda met Mumbai police commissioner Satyapal Singh and has requested to probe the case at the earliest. Although the letter does not seem to be the IM’s usual modus operandi, Mumbai police said that the letter cannot be taken easily.

Maharashtra Police’s Anti Terrorism Squad said that issues raised in the letter by the sender cannot be taken as a prank as it mentions about Ambani to have hurt the minority community by building his luxurious Antilla apartment on a Wakf property and have also made a demand to release terror accused Danish.

The Police said that they will first find out which Danish is the letter referring to. Police however denied saying the letter refers to Danish Riyaz alias Syed Afaque Iqbal who was arrested for his role in the 2008 Ahmedabad blasts.