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Narendra Modi expresses UPA’s railway budget anti-development

New Delhi, Feb 27 (): Terming the Railway Budget to be anti-development, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi criticized the ruling government at centre saying it is yet another indication of the “non-performance” of the United Progressive Alliance government.

Modi emphasized saying that this government is forcing people to believe that no hike has been done in the railway fares. In fact the government actually hiked the fares three months ago, claimed Modi. Clarifying that while the UPA government has already failed to control price rise, the government has further raised the burden on the people with this railway budget, declared Modi adding that it is difficult to survive for common man along with rising diesel prices.

Narendra Modi said that the required balance between the coastal-port connectivity and rail infrastructure and development is missing in the UPA government’s budget. Expressing concern over the budget, the Gujarat chief Minister stated that nowhere the government has announced about the Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Pune fast track bullet train project. In spite of Gujarat contributing maximum revenue to the railways, people have been let down by the central government for the past nine years, stressed Modi.

Criticizing the government for giving false hope, Modi pointed towards last year’s budget in which the government announced a wagon factory for Kutch and even conducted survey for 57 railway lines, but at the end of the day showed no result.

Asserting that  as far as development of the nation is concerned railways have an important role to play and if the country desire to do progress in commercial and industrial destination then the government should emerge with an enhanced railway services, said Modi.

Already several railway projects are kept pending, alleged Modi saying that this railway budget will certainly increase price rise. Keeping in mind the global economic situation, Modi claimed saying that the UPA government is not only  misleading the people but is  also doing injustice to people of the nation .