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Former IIT-M director P.V. Indiresan passes away

Chennai, Feb 26 (): Padma Bhushan award winner and former director of IIT-Madras P. V. Indiresan passed away in Pune yesterday. Eighty–five year old Indiresan, besides a strong opponent of reservation in jobs and education also opposed Common Entrance Examination sensing that it might reduce the quality of the IITs.

Indiresan initiated a number of educational alterations including the credit system at IIT-Madras which was popularly known as “lenient and flexible system” of permitting students the freedom to choose their course and teachers, said P. Sriram, dean of administration at IIT-M and a former student of Mr. Indiresan.

Professor Indiresan often had an opinion that students should be taught to work out real world problems with industrial help, therefore he initiated industry-IIT cooperation, said Mr Sriram who also added saying that this initiation  gave an opportunity for IIT- Madras to get additional  sponsored projects from the state government as well as companies.

Claiming that in the past, TN had only primary institutions for undergraduate courses, it was the repeated efforts taken by Professor Indiresan due to which post- graduate students and research students have increased than under-graduates, said Sriram adding that the professor increased the intake of post- graduate students with an intention to build a storing research community.

Stating that Professor Indiresan’s entry was a boon to students and teachers, M.S. Ananth, former director, IIT Madras said that the decision to restore academic course content every five years at IIT was initiated by Professor Indiresan, which is being followed till now. He organized weekly meetings by forming committee of deans, said M.S. Ananth.

In his later role, Indiresan who played as a columnist for The Hindu and Business Line often provoked debate and discussion for his frankness that went against traditional wisdom. Many found his frankness insulting and controversial except some who believe in quality after he once bluntly said that majority of the teachers are inferior to the students.

Before Professor Indiresan could chair the Election Commission’s technical committee meet on electronic voting machine, came the end of the legend.