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Karunanidhi slams Pranab on initiating rehabilitation process in Sri Lanka

Chennai, Feb 25 (): DMK chief M Karunanidhi on Saturday initiated a biting outburst against the central government for its silence on alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka.

Accusing President Pranab Mukherjee for mentioning to hold a rehabilitation process in the island in his address in the parliament on the opening day of the budget session, the DMK chief said that the Central government is just giving words but has failed to understand the real pain of the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Criticizing the centre for being selfish and not even making an attempt to understand the extreme difficulties faced by the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, Karunanidhi claimed that the people in the island apart from losing their livelihood have also lost their rights  in the island.

The DMK leader’s hard-hitting statement against the UPA government seems to be for spreading Tamil sentiments among the people of Tamil Nadu, said political circles in the state.  It is believed that Karunanidhi will definitely be continuing his approach in putting up pressure on the Centre till the start of UNHRC sessions that will be held in March, when the US will be moving another resolution against Sri Lanka.

Expressing concern over the Congress government’s ability in failing to identify Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s intention, Karunanidhi questioned that when countries have recognized Rajapaksa as a war criminal for human rights violations and have demanded to punish the Sri Lankan President, it is really shocking that how is the Indian government not able to understand the real face of Sri Lanka.

Pointing to the President’s address in the parliament, Karunanidhi claimed that engagement with Sri Lanka will only make a bad impact on the Tamils and also added saying he feels sorry for the attitude of the centre in making delay in recognizing the real intention of the neighbours.

Racial discrimination is the prime motto of the island, which snatched Tamil areas by converting the land in Sinhalese names besides demolishing temples, said Karunanidhi.