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Vidya, another acid attack victim dies in Chennai after Vinodhini

Chennai,Feb 24 ():  Vidya, another acid attack victim passed away in Chennai today in the early morning hours at Kilpauk Medical College Hospital here.

20-year-old Vidya of suburban Adambakkam was working part-time in a browsing centre at Tiruvallur Nagar, Adambakkam to support her family. Her real passion was to study nursing. She was living with her mother Saraswathi and brother Vijay,a painter. Her father Jayaseelan is no more.

Vidya and Vijay Baskar, a caterer for a software company were said to be in a relationship which the family came to know only five days before the tragic incident. Vijay has been visiting Vidya’s browsing centre quite frequently to entice her. On knowing about their affection for each other, both the families were believed to have come to a decision to marry them off.Yet, they have asked them to wait for some time till they marry off Vijay Baskar’s sister. But,Vijay Basakar has been threatening Vidya to marry him soon fearing that the families would change their minds.

On January 30, Vijay Basakar had walked into Vidya’s browisng centre and had got in to an argument with Vidya. Following this,Vijay Baskar had taken out the bottle of sulphuric acid, which he had bought from Parrys and splashed it on her.

Vidya had suffered injuries on her back and legs when she turned around to save her face. The enraged Vijay Basker held Vidya by her hair and rubbed her face on the floor screaming that he cannot afford to damage her face with acid. She fell unconscious after he banged her against the wall. He had also suffered burns in his hands. The man was caught by the neighbours and handed over to police.

Vidya suffered severe burns from the hip down to her limbs and on the left forearm and the acid had penetrated  into the soft tissues and was also suffering from a bacterial infection when she was admitted at KMC, said  Dr Jaganmohan, Professor and Head of Department, Burns and Plastic Surgery, KMC.

Vidya had succumbed to 34 per cent fourth degree burns at the time of admission, which was considered serious.

Vidya died at 4 am at KMC today notwithstanding all the treatment meted out to her. Sources say her body will be sent for post-mortem at KMC.