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Mancini backs himself for City’s chances of Champions League title

London, Feb 23 (ANI): Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has reportedly told the club owners not to sack him, and in return, he will make sure that City wins the Champions League.

This has come in light of reports of Mancini’s job being under threat due to City’s humiliating exit from the Champions League and being 12 points adrift in the Premier League title race, the Mirror reports.

However, the Italian has warned City bosses that it would be a mistake to sack him at this crucial moment as it is necessary for every club to have stability, which is difficult if the manager is changed every one or two years.

Mancini added that he is still the best person for the role of City’s manager and expressed his confidence that the club can win another Premier League or the Champions League in another four or five years under his aegis.

However Mancini stated that he would not be staying at City permanently and added that if he did not win the club any title for two or three years, then it would be a sign for him to leave City. (ANI)