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Hyderabad blasts: Govt. lacks political will to combat terror, says Naidu

Hyderabad, Feb. 23 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader M. Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday alleged that the Congress-led UPA Government lacks political will to combat terror.

“My concern is that the UPA Government at the Centre is indefined to nation’s security. The government’s approach is casual. It lacks political will to combat terror. It has not understood the dimensions and depth of the enemy’s strategy to weaken India,” he told media here after inspecting the bomb blast sites here.

Naidu further said the police couldn’t be blamed for it functions under the directions of the government.

“The government and the political leadership is interfering in each and everything. So, the police by themselves cannot act unless there is a guidance and direction,” he added.

Naidu earlier on Friday took on Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde over the Hyderabad blasts in Parliament. Naidu wanted a discussion on the issue in Parliament, a demand that was supported by the opposition benches.

Naidu yesterday said that the attacks by the militants could not have been possible without some internal help and logistical support.

“What happened in Hyderabad is not an isolated incident, its part of series of incidents that’s happening in various parts of the country particularly in Hyderabad,” Naidu told media outside the Parliament.

“Hyderabad has become the heart bed of terrorists and there are people who are encouraging terrorism and we are giving shelter to them and we are also providing local, logistical support to terrorists, otherwise, this sort of incident would not have happened,” he added.

Asserting that the Centre is committed to combat cowardly terror attacks, the Home Minister earlier on Friday said the government shall make all possible efforts to apprehend the perpetrators and masterminds behind the Hyderabad twin blasts and ensure that they are punished as per the law.

“I extend my heartfelt condolences for the bereaved families who lost their near and dear ones in the blasts. The Government is committed to combat such cowardly terror attack and it shall make all possible efforts to apprehend the perpetrators and masterminds behind the blasts and ensure that they are punished as per the law,” Shinde said in a statement in Parliament on the Hyderabad blasts.

Meanwhile, P. Ramakrishnan, an eyewitness, here said that he ran away from the site after the blasts for he was feeling scared.

“I was unable to understand what happened as it became dark after the blast. I was unable to hear and my ear got injured. It was all dark and I ran away from my shop as I was scared. I saw many people with injured hands and several were crying for help,” said Ramakrishnan.

The death toll in the twin blasts in the city mounted to 16 on Friday with two more persons succumbing to their injuries in a hospital. As many as 119 people sustained injuries in the twin blasts. (ANI)